Monday, October 16, 2006

Caucasian persuasion? Oct 16, 2006

What a beautiful comment an advisory teacher made to her class today:

"I don't want the Caucasian persuasion to hear about all the trash left in the court yard. This way they can't write about how dirty black children are."
From what she says the janitors are finding trash in the palm trees! I was walking to class one day after lunch and let me say people need to know about the trash problem. So I'm here to tell the Caucasian Persuasion about the trash problem, however i wouldn't blame it entirely on the "black" children. Oh, and by the way, to that advisory teacher.... those "white" children make quite a mess too.

Berkeley Boy

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ms. Teen Bermuda 2005 Sex Video now a favorite at Berkeley Oct 9, 2006

Today's big thing is a sex video of Ms. Teen Bermuda 2005. In one class 12 students gathered around one laptop to watch the video. Guys were asking for the video to be sent to their email. I saw them watching the video but I didn't corrupt my mind with that garbage. The first time the video was watched it I didn't even know what they were doing. The second time was when 12 students gathered around to watch it. Both times were in a classroom before class started, the teachers had stepped out. Twelve of your baby's were watching a sex video, girls too!

I love it how school administration comes out into the brand new modern school court yard and rings an old fashioned school bell to get the students moving at the end of lunch time. Guess the electronic bells don't do the trick.

Berkeley Boy